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Tied Ribbons is the leading gift and decor company in India. Once you visit our store, you will be awe-inspired by the variety and quality of the gift items available at our store. Many of our customers' first visit is to our store ends with them wishing that they had heard of us before. We provide you the most convenient platform to order gifts for any occasion and relationships. You will discover the most unique and affordable collection of gifts for Friendship Day at our store.

Friendship Day is about celebrating the bond you have with your friends. You and your friends are companions on the journey of life. All of you walking towards your dreams while having each other's backs. Friends make this place a better place to be, and without them, life seems boring and mundane. Their presence is a blessing in life, as they make difficult days in our lives quite bearable. Tied Ribbons welcomes you to our web store, where you can easily buy a unique gift online for friends.

Commemorate your friendship with creative gifts from Tied Ribbons

Bonds of friendship grow stronger as time passes by. This bond stays strong regardless of the distance between you and your friend or the time spent apart. Friends are like gems that only people with strong character get to cherish. If you have good friends around you, then you are truly blessed, as only a lucky few have the honor of finding true friends in life. We have an enormous collection to choose the best friendship day gift for your friends at our store. The gift will be a memento of the bond you share with your friend. Even after many years have passed and both you and your friend have taken separate roads, the gift will remind you of the journey you had together. You can buy online gift for friend at affordable rates from our store and solidify those sweet memories forever.

Design personalized gifts for friends at Tied Ribbons

You can easily order a custom Friendship Day gift online at Tied Ribbons. Personalised gifts are the best presents for people that are very close to us. Ordering a personalized gift for friend online at our store hardly takes 5 minutes. All you have to do is choose the template product and send us the photo you want to be printed on the product at our email ID. There are very few bonds as strong as those of friendship. The secrets and the hardships shared in a friendship are hardly shared in any other relationship. Presenting your friends with a personalized gift is one of the best ways to express your feelings to your friends. Your friends will fall in love with the present and will deeply appreciate it. It will be the symbol of your friendship for many years to come.

Gift Ideas

Cushions :

Our store has a priceless collection of Friendship Day cushions. Your friend will keep them close to their hearts wherever life takes them. You can also order personalized cushions with custom cushion cover from our website.

Mugs :

You will find many printed friendship mugs on our website. From milk to tea, the mug will be a part of your friend's life for many years to come.

Green Plants :

Green Plants We offer lush green plants at unmatched prices to gift your friend on Friendship Day. The plant will grow taller and stronger, just like the bond between you and your friend as years pass by.

Chocolates Combo :

Chocolates are the greatest delight of childhood. There is not a single child who dislikes chocolates. Chocolate combos gifts will be the perfect present for your friend on Friendship Day.

Friendship Day bands :

Friendship bands are the most aesthetic present for Friendship Day. We have some of the best designs for friendship bands that you will not find anywhere else.

Photo frames :

A photo frame containing a memorable picture of you and your friend will be an amazing Friendship Day gift. Years after that day, you both will take a look at the friendship photo frames and realize how far you have come.

Grooming Hampers :

Your guy friends of a certain age will love a grooming hamper. There is nothing better than classy, branded items that a guy can use.