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Buy Laxmi Ganesh Idols

Buy and send Laxmi Ganesh murti online through the Tied Ribbon’s website for your near and dear ones. A gift like this will be valued by everybody, and it can be a perfect choice to send lots of luck and good fortune to the receiver.

Laxmi Ganesh Idols Online India

Lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi are symbols of good luck, prosperity and wealth. You will find their idols in almost every Indian home and every workplace. Many workplaces have a small temple with idols of Lord Ganesh who represents intellect, success and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi who represents money and fortune. It is said that with their blessings, an individual can gain success and money and rise after setbacks. Due to these reasons, they are extremely popular when gifting to someone. Buy Ganesh Lakshmi idols online from the website of Tied Ribbons for your near and dear ones.

Have a look at some types of Ganesh - Laxmi idols available on our website which you can buy for your loved ones:

1) Ganesh Lakshmi Gold plated idol: Buy Ganesh Lakshmi Online in an exclusive gold-plated version. The gold plating gives a premium look to the idols and makes them lustrous and attractive.

2) Ganesh Lakshmi idol for home/car dashboard: The idols are also available in different small sizes which are ideal for home or car dashboard. They can be gifted to your close ones who are starting their journey with a new car or a new job. They are extremely convenient to be carried around and do not take much space. You can also buy idols of Laxmi Ganesh as a housewarming gift.

3) Diwali special Idol set: Buy Set of Ganesh Lakshmi Idols from the website of Tied Ribbons. They are ideal for Diwali puja’s and can make the festival a bit more joyous. They can be worshipped in puja or can be gifted to clients, partners or relatives as Diwali gifts. Buy Laxmi Ganesh Diwali Gifts Online from our website, and you can also get lucky with a great festival discount.

4) Lakshmi Ganesh Murti in brass: The murtis are available in a brass coated version which gives them a great look and a shiny finish.

5) Lakshmi Ganesh Murti in silver: The murtis are also available in a silver-coated version. These are very popular as Diwali gifts and marriage souvenirs. They are also available in special gift pack sets. You can buy set of Ganesh Lakshmi idols in a silver-coated version from our website.

6) Laxmi Ganesh statue : Do you need a larger statue/sculpture of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi? Well, we also have beautiful big sculptures available in different versions and colours. They can be used in temples, as statues in homes/public places etc. You can buy the Lakshmi Ganesh statues and sculptures online from our website and get it delivered to the location within a couple of days.

Laxmi Ganesh idols are among the most versatile gift options which can be gifted to anybody at any occasion of starting something new and embracing a new journey. These gifts are suitable for both corporate gifting as well as gifts to family members as they are said to bring good fortune to the receivers.

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