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India is a land of multiple religions, cultures, customs, rituals, and beliefs. Every person follows a different religion and believes in something different, and this is exactly what makes it such a unique country. Karwa Chauth too, is one of such traditions and festivals wherein married women, sometime towards the end of the year, fast for an entire day and pray to Goddess Parvati, hoping to get her to bless their husbands with a long and healthy life, as well as great wealth and success. They eat before dawn after preparing the Sargi and Pooja thali, and break the fast at night, eating only upon getting a glimpse of the moon.

Since your wife puts herself through a whole day of not eating or drinking anything, for you, it would be great if you did something for her as well, something to make her feel loves and appreciated. Getting her a Karwa Chauth gift seems like a wonderful idea, and on the Tied Ribbons website, surely find a great Karwa Chauth gift for wife! If you are thinking of getting her something that she can use during the festival rituals, then a Karwa Chauth thali or a Karwa Chauth kalash would seem like the right gifts. If you cannot seem to think of a gift to give to your wife on this occasion, you could also ask her, since then you would surely get her something she wants or would like, and if you do not want to ask, then perhaps buy gift hamper for wife; it is always a good idea!

Gift Your Wife A Thoughtful Karwa Chauth Present this Year

It goes without saying that women put themselves through a lot on the day of Karwa Chauth so as to seek blessings for their husbands, and so, it would definitely make her very happy to receive something special from you for the festival. At Tied Ribbons, there is a plethora of options you can choose from to make the day better for your wife, and here are some options:

1. Sargi and Pooja Thali:   Something that she can use as part of her Karwa Chauth rituals would be a Sargi and Pooja thali.

2. Dry Fruit Hamper:  Another great gift idea for Karwa Chauth is a dry-fruits hamper since it would add to the sweetness of the occasion, and you can also feed her some once she breaks her fast!

3. Plants:  Getting your wife a plant for Karwa Chauth would surely be a great idea since it would also look great kept somewhere in the house.

4. Mug:  If you are looking to get your wife a useful yet thoughtful present for Karwa Chauth, then a mug would seem ideal, especially since you can have it personalized.

5. Idols and Figurines:  In case you are looking to add to the auspiciousness of the occasion, then Tied Ribbons has a wonderful selection of idols and figurines you can gift her.

Do Something to Make This Karwa Chauth the Best So Far

Many married women of north India participate in the one-day festival of Karwa Chauth with utmost enthusiasm and love to follow all the rituals and practices associated with it, which includes staying on an empty stomach the whole day long. Going about the whole day without eating or drinking anything, and having eaten only at dawn is not an easy task, and in order to show your wife that you appreciate all that she is doing for you, you too should think of something special. Every year, she remains hungry the entire day so that Goddess Parvati would bless you with good health as well as wealth, and so, it would only seem fair for you to make this day even more special for her. Getting her a gift would seem like the best way to go since she can cherish it for a long time.

You could either think about getting her something that can be used on the day of Karwa Chauth, or you could even get her something she can use in her everyday life; maybe look at the online cushion gifts or printed mugs online. If you decide on the latter, the Tied Ribbons website offers you a wide selection of personalised mugs gift online, which would show just how much thought you put into your wife’s Karwa Chauth present. In case you are lost when it comes to thinking of a suitable Karwa Chauth present for your wife, there is absolutely no need for you to worry or stress since the website has a huge range of all different kinds of gifts for the occasion and all you need to do is go over the different options and pick out something that she would surely love and also use.